Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My first 25 random questions about the iPhone (updated with some answers)

  1. Is Bill Gates calling Steve Ballmer about now, asking him in a broken, nervous whisper, "We didn't do that Zune thing after all, did we? It was just an idea we dropped, right?"
  2. What processor does the iPhone have?
    Probably an ARM. But definitely not an Intel (according to Intel, and they should know).
  3. Will there be developer tools for the iPhone?
    No. Apple execs tell Gizmodo that, "like an iPod, it won't be an open system that people can develop for."
  4. Will iPod games run on the iPhone?
    Stupid question, sorry. As the OS is different, it's hardly likely.
  5. Can we say Apple released a tablet computer today?
  6. Why isn't the iPhone full of Spotlight search boxes? They could be really useful.
  7. What kind of Widgets can the iPhone run?
  8. How many pundits will announce today that Apple is no longer interested in the Mac?
  9. Does the iPhone have a clipboard?
  10. Does the iPhone support drag and drop?
  11. Can the iPhone squirt?
  12. Just about now, does Palm CEO Ed Colligan start feeling really stupid? And insecure?
  13. Will the iPhone display PDF files?
    Yes, though it won't open Office documents.
  14. Can the iPhone download things from the iTunes Store? Why not?
    Nope (see the same Gizmodo piece). I can see, by the way, why it's not so easy.
  15. What kind of OS X does the iPhone run?
    "Not OS X proper," say Apple execs according to Gizmodo. Looks like OS X has just been moved to yet another processor (though this is not Mac OS X, just OS X.)
  16. Is the iPhone GUI any indication for the upcoming Leopard look?
  17. How much will an iPhone cost without a contract?
    Looks like that simply won't be an option. Damn.
  18. Are all smartphone manufacturers looking at their screens just about now, with a blank stare, swallowing repeatedly?
  19. Can the iPhone do GPRS?
  20. Can you save files from iPhone apps? Can you access them from your Mac?
  21. What other phone functionality does it have? Voice dial? Alarm clock?
  22. What angle will bloggers use to ridicule the iPhone?
  23. Will the HD-based iPods become phone-less iPhones eventually?
  24. When will we learn the answers to about a million technical questions that are on everyone's minds?
  25. How many journalists are typing the words "Zune killer" somewhere right now?

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